More. Let’s talk about languages. I am Catalan and I speak, write and think in Catalan. It is my native language. In 1995 I won the local award of catalan poesy. From 1996 to 2000 I won the local award of catalan prose and the last work got the inmediate classification for the provincial aid.

I also speak and write Spanish very fluently. I made the philosophic studies entirely in spanish and I have strong knowledge in this language. In addition to these languages, I speak and write English. I think english is crucial for an engineer and it is necessary to understand and follow the new discoveries. Everything is in english and it is a powerful tool for everything you want to do.

I also was invited by the National Broadcast of Catalunya (Catalunya Radio) to discuss about the electromagnetic fields at rush hour. You can listen the interview here (it is in catalan).

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