When I was 15 I got my first connection to Internet. It was in 2000. In this epoch, the Web was so simple and people were communicated through IRC technology (chat). I discovered that mIRC (a client for chatting) included an interpreter of its own language. I learn programming for mIRC reading tutorials and studying a lot of code and snippets. The first addon I programmed was a spammer to send memos using the network services. Later, I got interest in these network services. I learned IRC protocols and I did my first network services in mIRC language. They were simple but used by many people. But they were slow. mIRC scripting was slow, terribling slow. And I learned C. Wow… I still remember how I got this knowledge: reading tutorials and studying a lot of code. And I create my first services entirely in C from scratch. They supported IRC, HTTP and SSL authentication protocols. All services were modulable through libraries and they support Windows and Linux. This project was mantained many years, until now. I think IRC is an obsolete technology because it cannot give the chance to improve and adapt to nowadays. So I discontinued them. You can find more information here.

At the same time, I also joined the UnrealIRCd for some time as a hard coder. But I prefered to start my spin-off to bring additional services to this daemon. Particularly, it offered the ability to register your nickname in a distributed database. I designed the protocol to distribute and synchronize the data over the network. I was in the mid of 2000 decade and database systems such as MySQL or SQLite were not popular yet. So I designed my own. And it was welcome by many people who enjoyed this system. It supported a lot of features for registration of nicknames, channels, ips and so on. You can find more information here.

I also became a web programmer. I learned PHP and MySQL to create my own web from scratch. No WordPress. No PHPNuke. No other CMS. I create many interactive webs. Some of them are dead but redyc.com is still alive and it is a museum of my works. With this web, I gave many services such as free SMS, IP locator, QR design, SSL certificates expedition, SSL signing documents, web thumb previews, pagerank indicator, and a large etcetera. All of them were programmed in PHP and MySQL and used some tunnels to external backhauls. I enjoyed a lot using them.

Finally, I got C++, which it opened me a new horizon and gave the chance of implementation of radio communication systems.

To summarize, with 10 years I learned many languages such as PHP, SQL, JAVA, MATLAB, VHDL and C programmer, additionally, HTML and mIRC programmer and protocols such as DNS, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, IRC.