I have a special interest in the Philosophy, oriented to the Antropology. I always try to improve the cristicism and improve the reasoning. Every day we get a lot of information, coming from different sources, which could be not so rigorous and I think it is very important to make a stop, think and decide what shall be taken into account and what should be discarded. We learn walking, we learn writing, we learn talking, but sometimes we do not learn thinking. It could be very harmful because make us much vulnerable and be manipulated.
Philosphy is a very ancient science, which comprise many currents, specially depending on the epoch. I prefered to focus on this that puts emphasis in the dialogy. The dialogy helps us to create a map where the ideas and reasons are structured for giving a coherent and rigorous speech.
In this sense, during three years I made studies in the University Francisco de Vitoria oriented to this science and I obtained the degree of Philosophic Antropology of Dialogic Orientation with honors in 2009.